Prepping for Your RV Trip

Prepping for Your RV Trip

Feb 01, 2014 Brandon Comments Disabled
Prepping for Your RV Trip

The RV lifestyle is a pleasant experience for most, thanks to lavish living quarters and convenient home-away-from-home amenities. Many of today’s RVs come equipped with an incredible selection of necessities, including refrigerators and bedding, but there are still a host of items that you should bring with you during every trip. Read our list below to find out just what those items are and never travel without them again!


When out on the open road, you never know what can happen and should always be prepared for the unexpected. Having a good set of jumper cables inside the RV at all times is the first step to making sure you?re ready for any unforeseen incidents. If traveling in a motor home, you should also bring an extra set of windshield wipers. Trailer owners, on the other hand, should focus on bringing hitch supplies and wiring, just in case of an emergency.

Kitchen Supplies & Toiletries

Traveling from state to state can be a whirlwind of an adventure, and depending on where you’re heading, pit stops and restaurants can be few and far between. This is why it’s important to always bring kitchen and bathroom supplies with you on every trip. Cooking on the road is easy to do and there are an endless amount of recipes fit for RV dining, including roasts and slow-cooker meals. Keeping your bathroom stocked with toiletries is also a must, sparing you a pit stop and allowing you to stay on track with your travel time.

One-Off Items

This is the list of items you don’t necessarily need when travelling, but are convenient to have. These include pens/pencils, rope, a pocket knife, rubber bands, paper clips and duct tape for small repairs. It’s also handy to have card and board games in the RV during down time.

Make sure to bring these items with you on your next RV trip and you’ll never be unprepared! At Reliable RV, we are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their RV experience.

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