RV Expenses to Account For When Budgeting

RV Expenses to Account For When Budgeting

Nov 16, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
RV Expenses to Account For When Budgeting

Thinking about buying your first RV and going on a cross-country trip? Before you do, there are a few expenses you’ll want to budget for in order to make the process as smooth as possible. From the initial RV purchase and gas to insurance and regular maintenance, there are several things to consider before diving into the world of RVing.

The RV Purchase

One of the biggest – and most obvious – purchases you’re going to make is buying the RV itself. Motorhomes range in price and come in a variety of classes, including fifth wheel, Class A, Class B, Class C and travel trailer. From expensive RVs to quality, low-priced motorhomes, there’s plenty of great options to choose from. At Reliable RV, you can browse our selection of models and discover which one is appropriately priced for you.


Aside from your RV purchase, gas is the next biggest expense you’ll want to budget for. Due to constant fluctuations in gas prices, you could end up spending a large amount of money on fuel during your road trip. Whether you have a gas RV or a diesel model, filling up at the pump is still a pricey process. However, there are a few ways you can save money on fuel if you’re working with a small budget.

RV Insurance

RV insurance is a must, but tends to be on the pricey side. It’s best to get insurance quotes from multiple companies before settling on one option. Other companies are often more reputable than others and it’s best to find out which ones rank the best among customers. You want to make sure your RV is properly covered and all of your belongings inside are secure.

Routine Maintenance

If you want to ensure your RV keeps on kicking for years to come, it needs to undergo routine maintenance. Regular oil changes, flushes, tire rotations and battery replacements will help preserve the life of your motorhome. At Reliable RV, we offer each of these services for an affordable price and have a team of trained technicians on hand at our service center that can get the job done efficiently.

Miscellaneous Expenses

When traveling across the country in an RV, there’s a whirlwind of other expenses you’ll have to budget for during your trip. From food and campground fees to entertainment costs and hotel visits, you can always use some extra cash while on the road.

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