RV vs Tiny Houses for Living

Dec 08, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
RV vs Tiny Houses for Living

If you’re looking to downsize your life a bit, considering an investment in a tiny house or an RV can make a lot of sense. While both have pros and cons, what you choose comes down to what you’re looking for. RVs provide you with exceptional mobility, whereas a tiny house will need to be constructed in one location that you’ll need to be certain that you love.

Quality of Materials

A tiny house is designed with longevity in mind. It must hold up to the elements, inclement weather, and time. An RV must be durable, but it’s not meant to last as long as a house would. Think about the time frame that you’re thinking about utilizing this investment. Because an RV may not last as long, an RV might be a more affordable option for you.


As we mentioned before, an RV is designed to be mobile. It provides you with a method of transportation from one place to another. A tiny house will give you a place to hang your hat, but expect to stay there for a longer amount of time. If you’re someone who likes adventures and wants to see new things all the time, an RV provides you with an exciting lifestyle choice.


The great thing about RVs these days is how functional they can be. Many of them have a bathroom with a toilet and shower; there is a kitchen on board, a bed, and so much more. You have everything that you need while you’re out on the road. You have a lot of the same amenities that you would have with a tiny house. The difference is your mobility. In many scenarios, your tiny house might not be that much bigger than your RV, especially if you opt for an RV that has a pop-out section for additional space.

An RV usually isn’t your primary residence, so nobody says that you can’t have both options. A tiny house could make a great place to live while you plan your next great adventure in your RV. If you need assistance picking out a new RV or would like to have maintenance done on your current RV, give us a call at Reliable RV. We’ll set you up with an appointment with our service department to ensure that your RV is in tip-top shape.

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