The Best Way to Determine the Value of an RV

The Best Way to Determine the Value of an RV

Jun 25, 2019 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
The Best Way to Determine the Value of an RV

When you are shopping for new or used RVs, the choices can seem overwhelming. Amateur RV buyers may play it safe by limiting the investment that they may be willing to risk by buying a small used travel trailer. Yet, you can determine the value of many RVs by looking at things from an objective point of view. Let’s consider how, below.

Determining the Value of a Used RV

A used RV presents a lot of savings because there is a learning curve when it comes to appraising an RV. This learning curve is enough to drop down the demand and increase the supply. The result is big savings for those who know what to look for in a used RV and how to buy with confidence. Used RVs mainly experience problems with leaky seals as the age. If you know how to spot signs of discoloration, oxidation, and water damage at seals, this will provide you a definite advantage. Examine how well the seals are fitted by doing your own water spray test to see how watertight they may be.

You may also demand proof that the tires were replaced if the RV is more than 6 or 7 years old. If not, you should use this to negotiate down the price because vulcanized rubber tires start to decompose and weaken no matter how much tread remains. In addition, pay attention to how much it vibrates on the road. Vibrations are one of the leading signs of wear.

Determining the Value of a New RV

A new RV also bows down to the fluctuations of supply and demand. As a general rule, the more universal and high-volume the parts, the better the value. This is because manufacturers who sell limited numbers of vehicles that use specially engineered parts have to recoup their investment and make a profit. This is why Class A motorhomes are so much more expensive than Class C models even though they feature many of the same amenities. When you look at things from this perspective, you start to see why you are paying a lot for designer parts that function as well as those that are commonly available.

Therefore, you should research and find out what models are selling the best. An RV brand and model that have high sales, year after year, usually indicates a value sweet spot.

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