Things to Always Have Handy in Your RV

Things to Always Have Handy in Your RV

Aug 05, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Things to Always Have Handy in Your RV


You don’t need to be a perfectionist to know that planning is important. You don’t need to buy every other tool that was made for RV ownership, either. Start by creating a complete list of the most important tools that you need handy in your RV.


Keep a toolkit tucked away in your RV, even if you’re not an experienced handyman. The best toolkit has all of the essential tools in one compact bag or case. Use these tools to fix every type of vehicular damage that needs urgent repair. By keeping a toolkit handy, you can be well-prepared and save time by applying your mechanic skills.


A flashlight is always a handy tool to have stored in your RV. When your RV is stranded, you may need a flashlight to see through the night. You may have to walk several miles to get help in a dark area. Having a flashlight can also prove useful in times of maintenance needs, such as an engine or other component inspection. The most basic tool to have is a flashlight to see the area in front of you.

Battery Filler

Most RVs are not electric vehicles that you can plug in and out of an outlet whenever you need power. Your vehicle is likely to run on batteries that need to be conserved regularly. Use a battery filler to preserve the life of your RV battery and maintain the performance of your vehicle.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is the most crucial tool to have at work or in your vehicle. This kit includes the best supplies to handle common medical emergencies, such as cuts, bruises, fractures, etc. On the open road, your RV could be miles away from the hospital, so you’ll need to have a first aid kit ready, putting your safety first.

Cleaning Supplies

An RV that runs smoothly is ideal to have, but no one wants to enter it if it’s filthy. Have cleaning supplies nearby just as you would in your home. Even if you don’t enjoy cleaning, having the items around increases the likelihood that you will maintain clean rooms.

Your success as an RV owner depends on your ability to use your resources wisely. All of the tools are provided to you, and it’s your responsibility to buy the right tools and use them properly. When it’s time for you to buy the right vehicle for your long-distance trip, contact us at Reliable RV in Springfield, MO.

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