Tips for RVing with a Baby Onboard

Tips for RVing with a Baby Onboard

Mar 23, 2016 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
Tips for RVing with a Baby Onboard

There’s nothing better than taking RV trips with your loved ones to far away destinations across the country. Regular excursions are popular among RVers with no strings attached at home, but once couples decide to start a family, things can get a little tricky. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to sell your RV and give up your dreams of heading up north to visit Niagara Falls; however, you may have to make a few adjustments to your RV in order to make it suitable for the little one. To help with this, we recently compiled a few tips on how to modify your RV, so take a good look at them and see if they’ll work for your motorhome.

Try out a portable crib.

A portable crib is just what you need for your RV. Lightweight and compact, you can simply fold them up when you don’t need them and unfold them when you do. You can also place them just about anywhere you’d like, allowing you to always keep a close eye on your baby.

Purchase a space-saving rocker.

A rocker is a great way to keep your baby calm and at ease while on the road. Most rockers tend to be large in size, but there are space-saving rockers available that are perfect for RVs with limited space. Depending on the size of your motorhome, these types of rockers fit nicely in most bedrooms and living rooms.

Ditch vinyl flooring for carpet.

Everyone knows babies and wood flooring don’t mix, which is why it’s essential that you lay carpet in your RV if you don’t already have it. Trust us, you’ll love the carpet once your tiny tot begins to crawl and eventually walk, as it provides plenty of cushion in case of a tumble.

Get a portable closet.

Baby clothes can quickly pile up and take up plenty of room, but you can avoid this by purchasing a portable closet for your RV. Without taking up too much space, it allows you to easily pack away baby clothes, bibs, bath towels and other small items, keeping your motorhome clutter-free.

Invest in a collapsible tub.

If you’re planning on traveling with a new baby, it’s best to purchase an RV with both a bathtub and a shower. This alone makes bathing a much easier task, but to further simplify the process, we suggest buying a collapsible tub. It’s easy to use and takes up very little room.

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