Top 5 Luxurious RVs

Top 5 Luxurious RVs

Mar 12, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Top 5 Luxurious RVs

Everyone may not have the opportunity to buy the most expensive motorhome. You can, however, learn about some of the more high-end RVs on the market. These five luxurious RVs will make you want to move out of your home and take on the road in style.

1. The Foretravel ih-45 Motorcoach

The Foretravel Motorcoach is the ideal choice for those who want all of the amenities that they get at home while traveling the country. This RV costs upwards of $1.3 million and includes a washing machine with a dryer along with a built-in vacuum cleaner with a king-sized bed. There is also an outdoor entertainment center so that you and the family can get the most out of your trip without leaving the luxury that is inside of the vehicle.

You, of course, get an A/C unit along with mounted TVs throughout the motorcoach. There is even technology attached to the Foretravel that is rumored to reduce the noise that comes from traveling down the highway. Storage space is attached to this RV so that you and the family can bring more things on your trip.

2. The Prevost H3-45 VIP

Do you have $1.6 million? You may be able to afford the Prevost H3-45 VIP. This motorhome comes equipped with windows that slide out for extra space. There is also a significant amount of open floor space, which makes the RV feel more like home.

Some motorhomes offer the basics. The Prevost, however, comes with interior design that may compel you to redecorate your main home.

3. Marathon Coaches

Marathon Coaches offer a variety of luxury RVs that include remote controlled units as well as televisions throughout the motorhome. Marathon Coaches cost anywhere from $1.8 million to $2.5 million. Those who are willing to pay more than $2 million get all of the amenities, which include a fireplace, special lighting fixtures, air conditioning, and the ability to control the windows from your seat or bed.

4. Newell Coaches

Those with $2 million to spend on an RV may also want to consider Newell Coaches. These motorhomes come with washing machines and dryers along with LED televisions and a patio awning. Customization is what sets Newell apart from other luxury RV brands. You can make your RV something with which you can completely identify when you invest in one of these motorhomes.

5. The Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus

Recliners and an adjustable king-sized bed are two of many amenities that come with the Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus model. This motorhome maintains the basic character of a traditional RV with a dinette set that also converts into a coffee table. The Featherlite comes equipped with a stackable washing machine and dryer. This motorhome will cost you at least $2.5 million.

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