Top 5 RV Gadgets

Top 5 RV Gadgets

Apr 21, 2017 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Top 5 RV Gadgets

Before hitting the open road, there are some must-have things you should definitely bring along with you on your trip. Here is our list of the top five gadgets we highly recommend investing in to make your vacation even better.

Screen Door Bar

No matter how big or small your RV is, having a screen door bar on your entrance door can prove to be very useful. The bar will help you dry towels faster and make it easier to access on-the-go things like dog leashes.

RV Roof Vent Covers

When camping in cool, wet climates, keeping your RV dry inside can prove difficult. That’s why investing in RV roof top vent covers is important. They help keep your RV ventilated and prevent moisture damage, which could end up costing you big bucks in RV repairs.

H2O Regulator

Helping you protect your investment is one of our top priorities. Having a water regulator will help you do just that. It helps protect your RV’s water hose and internal plumbing from potential ruptures from excessively high water pressure.

Surge Protector

No matter how old or new your RV is, you’ll want to invest in an EMS Electrical Management System Surge Protector. Order yours today from our parts department.

Roof Gutter Drip Extenders

This is a must-have for any RVer. RV gutter extenders help keep your RV looking its best by keeping those nasty black water streaks from forming on the side of your RV after it rains.

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