Upcoming Electric RVs

Sep 28, 2023 Randy Lancaster
Upcoming Electric RVs

While there are currently no fully electric RVs on the American market, the future looks extremely promising. This is good news for travelers looking to go green. They will be able to save fuel while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here are a few concept models to keep your eye on.

Winnebago eRV2

Featuring underpinnings from the Ford E-Transit cargo van, the Winnebago eRV2 has a great deal of potential. DC’s fast-charging capabilities enable you to quickly get back on the road. It also boasts a spacious interior, which is designed using plant-based materials. Perhaps the biggest downside to eRV2 is its rather low driving range of 108 miles. You won’t be able to drive too far off the grid.

The Thor Vision Vehicle

The Thor Vision Vehicle is another intriguing concept. A hydrogen fuel cell enables it to travel up to 300 miles before needing to be replenished. This cutting-edge RV also benefits from a solar roof, which allows it to harness power from the sun. Water-saving features, such as low-flow faucets and showerheads, make the Thor Vision Vehicle even more eco-friendly. Furthermore, you’ll be surrounded by today’s hottest tech. Highlights include multiple touchscreens, a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot, and voice recognition.

SylvanSport Leading the Charge

With the help of Zeus Electric Chassis Inc., SylvanSport is developing a new electric RV called Leading the Charge. A splendid driving range of 400 miles gives road-trippers the freedom to explore. When venturing off the beaten path, you can also benefit from the RV’s AWD system with military-grade axles. Yet another big feature is the vehicle’s water-recycling system.

If you would like to learn more about today’s newest RVs and future models, be sure to contact Reliable RV. Our experienced team will be more than happy to help.

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