What Kind of Oil Can I Use for my RV?

Oct 01, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
What Kind of Oil Can I Use for my RV

There are a few different factors to take into consideration if you’re trying to choose an engine oil for your RV. Not all oil products are created equally, and you should choose something that you want to stick with for future oil changes. The frequency of your oil changes and the amount of mileage that you’re accumulating will also play a role in what type of oil you select.

Considering the Viscosity and Weight of Your Motor Oil

Inside your owner’s manual, there is likely a recommendation regarding the viscosity and weight of the oil you should be using. If you choose the wrong product, this can negatively affect your fuel efficiency ratings. The average numbers for RV motor oil are generally around 15W-40. This covers you for both hot and cold temperatures. The first number reflects how viscous the oil is when temperatures are lower. The second number will reflect how efficient your oil is at higher temperatures.

Synthetic or Conventional Oil?

Purchasing synthetic oil for your RV might cost you a little bit more money than conventional, but RVs tend to do much better when you’re using synthetic for all of your oil changes. The benefits that you receive from this investment are usually well worth the cost in the long run. You want to make sure that you don’t prolong your oil changes because of the increased cost of your oil.

Choosing a Good Quality Brand of Oil

There are many different oil brands out there, and each brand has a specific recipe of additives that they use for their products. It’s beneficial that you choose the right brand of oil when you first invest in your RV and continue with that oil indefinitely. We here at Reliable RV have specific brands that we use for all of our services, and we can make a recommendation for your specific vehicle. These products will increase your efficiency, protect your engine and protect your vehicle for years to come.

If you’re having difficulty choosing an oil product for your RV and would like the opinion of a professional, you can contact Reliable RV for more information. We would also be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to bring your RV in for an oil change. This maintenance task should be performed routinely to protect your RV and have it ready for your next road trip.

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