What To Know About Towing a Car with Your RV

What To Know About Towing a Car with Your RV

Jul 31, 2020 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
What To Know About Towing a Car with Your RV


What to Know About Towing a Car With Your RV

Towing seems to be a pretty straightforward practice. However, there are legal and illegal ways to perform any automotive task. These rules apply to your method of towing a car with your RV. Here is the basic information to know before buying your RV.

Mechanical Complications

Mechanically, towing a car behind an RV is not always a good idea. The manufacturer may advise against it if the vehicle is not properly equipped with towing accessories. If the accessories are not installed properly, the towing could damage your car or the RV.

Some makes and models can be towed more easily than others without the need for towing equipment. Sports utility and crossover vehicles are usually easy to tow. Before deciding to tow any vehicle, it’s recommended that you check with the manufacturer to ensure its level of capability.

In general, the easiest type of vehicle to tow is light in weight. With less weight, there is less strain put on the vehicle. For the best results, make sure that all four wheels are placed on the ground. However, it’s still necessary to contact the manufacturer and check that it’s safe to use the four-wheel-down method. Our representatives at Reliable RV are also able to recommend the best RV models for your needs.

Using a Tow Dolly is Another Option

Use a tow dolly if you cannot tow with all four wheels down. A dolly gives RV owners the ability to move any vehicle. Your task is to ensure that the vehicle’s weight does not exceed the maximum towing limits.

Maintaining a Tow Dolly

Like a regular vehicle, a tow dolly or trailer requires some maintenance. Always use a tow dolly as directed and store appropriate to maintain its condition. Other inconveniences affect some drivers more than others. Some states require that the owner of tow dolly have a title and registration. Every state sets its own licensing requirements for the dollies or cars that are being towed.

Not paying attention to towing rules will cost you in the long run. Paying extra money to buy a towing accessory is less expensive than repairing damage to a car that was towed incorrectly. Learning about the proper measures to take when towing a vehicle helps you save money. Before you rent or buy your RV, know your towing limits first. When you’re ready for your next RV adventure, contact our team at Reliable RV in Springfield, MO, to learn more about your towing options.

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