Why Is My RV Battery Not Charging

May 27, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Why Is My RV Battery Not Charging

Your RV battery is a crucial component of an RV internal system. Everything electrical from the HVAC system, lights, vent fans, and other electrical devices depend upon the battery. There may be several reasons why the RV battery won’t charge, so let’s look at some possible issues.

Battery May Not Be Connected Correctly

Incorrectly connected battery cables will prevent the proper charging of your battery. Verify battery connections for tightness or broken, frayed cables. Also, make sure there aren’t any bare wires touching each other and, if so, repair or replace as necessary. Some battery connections may have inline fuses that may need to be replaced or repaired.

Battery terminals can become corroded or loose. Check for any corrosion or loose cables and clean or tighten as required. Corrosion or oxidation to the battery posts may affect battery charging; make sure the battery posts are cleaned from any corrosion.

Converter Problem

Check all the wires coming from the battery converter to make sure they are well fixed. If there are any damaged or bare wires, replace them as soon as possible, then check to see if the better is being charges. The converter should never be opened or tampered with.

Electrical Breaker Issues

Check all circuit breakers and make sure they are working correctly. Typically the converter manual will some guidelines and give some idea of what 120-volt breaker to check. When all the breakers have checked out, the next step is to check all fuses to determine if they are working correctly. Once all faulty fuses have been replaced, check to see if the battery is charging once again. When all breakers, fuses, and cables have been inspected, and the battery is still not charging, in all probability, the converter is faulty.

Time to Visit Reliable RV

All the necessary checks have been made, and the problem points to the converter; it is time to contact Reliable RV. Opening and checking a converter is a dangerous job; it is best left to the experts at your local RV dealer.

Check your batteries on a regularly scheduled maintenance schedule. And better yet, take your RV regularly to Reliable RV for a quick maintenance check; it may save money and time in the long run.

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