Why Is My RV Shaking

Jul 29, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Why Is My RV Shaking

As an RV driver, you may experience mechanical issues, and you may be unsure why they are happening. And one of those issues may have something to do with the RV shaking. While the shaking that you experience may be annoying, it can also be dangerous. Typically, that means something is out of sync and needs exploring to get to the root cause. Find out the most common reasons for an RV shaking or vibrating and what you can do about it!

Out of Balance Tires

Generally, the faster an RV goes, the more the vibration or shaking is noticed within the coach. And typically, that is at speeds in access of 55 mph. That may indicate the tires are out of balance. Perhaps a weight has shifted, become loose or fallen off altogether. However, it’s most often caused by hitting a curb harder than usual or a pothole. The safety risk for having tires that are out of balance includes ruining bearings and joints or shaking essential screws and bolts loose. That’s not safe for any vehicle, but especially for a 10-ton RV.

Out-of-Round Tires

With out-of-round tires, you typically experience a higher amount of vibration or shaking at the same speed as tires that are out of balance. However, the difference is the vibration or shaking may taper off at higher speeds above 55 mph. And going above the speed limit is not the solution to this already high-risk safety issue.

Loose RV Structure

A result of having out-of-round tires includes squeaking or rattling of your RV. Over time, the shaking or vibration can cause metal fatigue or weaken the structure of your RV.

Front-End Suspension Problems

Front-end suspension noises are nothing to take lightly. Often, the vibration or shaking won’t be as subtle as the other more common signs. The steering shaking or vibration is more aggressive and much more noticeable, regardless of the speed. While driving at an increased speed can produce the most amount of noise and the highest safety risk, it’s not something that typically comes and goes. It’s continuous.

Bad or Worn Parts

Although the root cause could be several reasons, the most obvious is a loose tie rod end or drag link or worn-out steering damper. But it could also be a bad wheel. If the root cause of the vibration or shaking is because of a bad part, time is of the essence to repair or replace them for your safety and others.

If you want more information about RV shaking, please be sure to reach out to our dealership. We’ll be more than happy to assist you and get to the root cause.

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