How to Keep Your RV Neat Organized

May 13, 2014 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
How to Keep Your RV Neat  Organized

Travelling in an RV can be a fun, adventurous experience, but when there’s too much clutter in sight, it can feel less like a home on wheels and more like an overcrowded closet. To avoid getting yourself into this uncomfortable situation, it’s a must to keep all RV amenities organized and in their rightful place. We’ve comprised a few helpful tips on how to do exactly this and we encourage you to try them out during your next road trip.

First things first. Before organizing everything in your RV, pull out all the items that never or rarely get used. These components should be removed from the RV to make room for necessities and stored back in the home where there’s space to house them. Once this is completed, you’ll then be able to assess you amenities and discover how to organize them. Stores like IKEA and Walmart are the perfect places to go to find everything you need in order to stow your items.

Out of all the ways you can organize your RV amenities, we found that baskets, hanging shelves and wall hooks are a few of the best methods available. You can easily set aside toiletries within a basket, hang jackets and towels on wall hooks for extra closet/cabinet space, and place items, such as socks or undergarments, on hanging shelves for additional room. To keep things extra sturdy, no-slip mats are also the way to go. They help keep desk items in their place when the ride gets a little bumpy and they secure dishes. Additional components, such as a collapsible dish rack and a wireframe-mounted grocery bag trash can under the sink, take up even less room, increasing comfortability for all passengers.

Before your next cross-country trip, take some time to prep for your travels and organize your RV amenities using a few of our innovative methods. We guarantee you’ll be impressed and never want to travel unorganized again!