New RVs Based on the Ford Transit Will Arrive in 2016

Dec 09, 2015 Tanisha Mitchell Comments Disabled
New RVs Based on the Ford Transit Will Arrive in 2016

For years, Ford’s E-Series cutaway chassis vehicles have been used on a wide variety of motorhomes on the market, and now coming into 2016, the Ford Transit cutaway chassis frames will also be found on brand-new RVs heading to dealerships. The first of the bunch to don the new chassis, the Winnebago Fuse, will land at Reliable RV this January.

A Class C Motorhome, the Winnebago Fuse will cater to adventurous RVers. The lightweight Ford Transit chassis better suits these types of RVers, who are often interested in smaller Class C motorhomes featuring first-class versatility and the ability to support their numerous outdoor recreational activities. With younger buyers on the rise with interests in mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking and other high-energy hobbies, utilizing flexible Transit cutaway chassis frames will allow RV manufacturers to create more motorhomes that address their growing demands for features that sustain their active lifestyles.

Aside from Class C RVs, the Transit chassis cutaway frames will also be used on future Class B motorhomes, giving buyers the ability to select from different wheelbases, powertrains and roof heights. In addition to Winnebago, other manufacturers expected to launch vehicles based on the frames include Coachmen RV and Thor Motor Coach.