Prepare your dog for camping

Apr 18, 2014 Tanisha Comments Disabled
Prepare your dog for camping

How to Prepare Your Dog for Your Next Camping Trip

Thinking about taking your pup on a camping trip? Then make sure you get him prepared. Stay safe and avoid catastrophic situations by following a few simple tips.

Let's Get Physical

Before you hit the road, make sure to take your dog to the vet and get an expert opinion about whether it is safe to take him along for your camping trip. Depending on your dog's health, age, medicine use and other factors, it may not be best to take him along.

Time for Shots

It is also wise to ask your veterinarian if your dog has all of its proper vaccinations/inoculations, including heart worm and rabies shots. Not having your dog properly vaccinated could put him and others around him at risk. In addition to this, tell your pet's doctor where you will be traveling to, just in case they have advice about other precautionary tasks you should take.

Prevent Parasites

Parasites are one of the number one dangers to pets on camping sites. Ticks and fleas are more prevalent in the forest and they can spread dangerous infections like Lyme disease. Treat your dog to a tick and flea preventative like Advantage Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs, Merial Frontline Top Spot Flea & Tick Control or other popular brands.

Don't Get Lost

Increase the chances of finding your puppy if he gets away from you. Always keep an ID tag on your dog that is clearly labeled with its name, your name, your phone number and your home address. You can also consider having your dog microchipped. This procedure is actually quite simple. For your puppy, it won't feel like anything more than a normal shot and the microchip is no larger than a single grain of rice. After the procedure, you can use a radio-wave emitting device to track your dog down if it gets lost.