The 3 Most Common RV Myths

Aug 25, 2018 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
The 3 Most Common RV Myths

When it comes to spending time in the great outdoors, camping makes it possible to enjoy exploring and have an escape outside of the city. Many people prefer to camp in RVs as a way to enjoy a bit of luxury and comfort while still surrounded by natural beauty. When you're ready to go camping or desire to travel, there are a few common RV myths to know when preparing for your next trip.

1. Only Older Adults Travel in RVs

It's a common misconception that older adults are the only type of people who utilize RVs when traveling and getting around. Many people assume that they don't need to use an RV until they retire when taking trips. Fortunately, RVs can accommodate a variety of different types of people and age groups. Many families can enjoy the benefits of RVing and can visit different campgrounds that are available throughout the U.S. Families can often be found at the campgrounds where playgrounds, swimming pools, and recreational activities are available for both children and adults.

Many younger adults are also choosing to live in RVs full-time as a way to have affordable housing. RVs can be used as comfortable living spaces that can be transported and offer the chance to travel more or live in different locations throughout the year.

2. RVing Can Be Expensive or Cheap

When it comes to RVing, many people don't always assume that they can afford to use an RV to travel in as they explore different locations throughout the country. Other people may assume that RVing is too cheap and will require you to rough it while on the open road, which is a common myth. You can influence the cost of RVing to ensure that it works within your budget, whether you want to use an RV that has all of the bells and whistles or prefer a smaller RV that is more affordable. You can also decide how much fuel you choose to use depending on where you travel throughout the year, which can allow you to limit the cost of fuel. You also have the freedom to select the type of campgrounds where you decide to stay to ensure that you don't spend more or less than you plan. Some campgrounds have fewer amenities that are provided, which can cost less. Other campgrounds offer hookups, cable television, and wifi to ensure that you can have a luxurious stay. The number of days you plan to stay at the campgrounds will also influence the cost, making RVing ideal for different types of age groups.

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3. You Have to Drive A Lot in an RV

It can be easy to assume that owning an RV means that you have to spend a significant amount of time on the road to get around while taking a trip. Fortunately, you have the freedom to decide where you want to travel and how much time you want to spend behind the wheel. Many people prefer to drive a few hours to their destination and stay the whole week while their RV is parked, which means you can explore the local area and won't have to get back on the highway until you return home. You can also enjoy traveling at a slower pace in an RV compared to driving in a vehicle, which can make the trip more relaxing.

If you are ready to learn more about RVs while dispelling myths, feel free to contact our dealership to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn more.