Why Is My RV Not Accelerating Properly?

Oct 31, 2021 Randy Lancaster Comments Disabled
Why Is My RV Not Accelerating Properly



It’s very important to have ample acceleration power when you’re driving an RV. This is a large vehicle, and you need to be able to safely merge with traffic and keep up with the flow of other vehicles on the road. If you feel like your acceleration rate isn’t what it normally is, we encourage you to check out your automobile for the following potential problems.

Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensor

You have an oxygen sensor in your RV that is designed to monitor the levels of emissions generated by your exhaust. To provide fuel to your engine, communication needs to take place using your oxygen sensor. If a breakdown in communication occurs because of a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, your RV might come across as slower than usual when accelerating.

Checking Your Air Flow Meter

An airflow meter is present on your air intake cleaner unit. While air flows through your cleaner, a meter will assess how much air is present to relay this information over to your engine control unit. Acceleration can slow if you don’t have an airflow meter that’s producing correct readings.

Problems with Your Timing Belt

Timing belts must be working perfectly for your RV to experience proper acceleration. If just one tooth of the belt is damaged, this can lead to the belt slowing down or even completely snapping in half.

Changing Your Fuel Filter

A fuel filter needs to be changed approximately every 30,000 miles or so for it to work properly. Over time, this filter can become clogged up with particles like dirt and dust. A dirty filter can lead to problems with your vehicle, including acceleration speeds.

Computer Communication

There is a computer inside the engine of your RV, and this computer is designed to communicate all kinds of information to the other parts of your vehicle. If any information is relayed incorrectly, things like acceleration can be affected.

Contact Reliable RV if you think that you’re experiencing slow acceleration speeds while driving. Our team of technicians can take a look at your vehicle to see if any of the above problems are occurring. We’ll have you back on the road for your next great adventure as soon as we can.